duminică, 4 decembrie 2016

Musaca greceasca / Greek Moussaka

Ingrediente / ingredients:
- 2 kg vinete - 2 kg of large round aubergines
- 1 kg carne tocata de vita sau amestec porc + vita  - 1 kg ground beef or mix - pork + beef
- 1/2 cescuta ulei de masline -  1/2 cup olive oil
- 2 cepe mari -  2 large onions
- 5 rosii decojite - 5 peeled tomatoes
- 1/2 cana vin alb - 1/2 cup white wine
- sare si piper - salt and pepper
- branza feta - grated feta cheese
- 3-4 polonice de sos bechamel - ladles of bechamel sauce 
- 3-4 cartofi feliati foarte subtire - 3-4 potatoes thin sliced

Curatam vinetele si le taiem  felii . Le punem intr-o tigaie cu o lingura de ulei de masline pana se rumenesc usor. Cartofii ii feliem foarte subtire.

Peel eggplants and cut them into slices. We put them in a pan with a tablespoon of olive oil until slightly browned. Cut potatoes very thin slices.

 Punem carnea si ceapa intr-o tigaie cu ulei de masline  pana se rumenesc. Adaugam vinul. Dupa ce scade sosul adaugam rosiile tocate marunt. Lasam sa scada sosul.

Prepare the meat by browning it woth the oil and onion, wich should be finely chopped. Stop browning process by pouring the wine. Add the tomatoes skinned and finely chopped, the salt and pepper and allow to boil till the moisture has been absorbed.

Intr-o tava pentru cuptor turnam un polonic de sos bechamel, punem un rand de vinete, un rand de branza rasa, un rand de carne si o luam de la capat pana terminam carnea si vinetele.

In a baking pan pour a ladle of béchamel sauce, put a row of eggplant, a row of grated cheese, a row of meat and start over to finish the meat and eggplant.

Desupra inchidem cu un rand de cartofi feliati subtire.

On top we close with a row of thin sliced potatoes.

Adaugam un rand de branza rasa si bagam la cuptor 30-45 minute.

Add grated cheese and  stuffing in the oven 30-45 minutes.

Servim fierbinte.

Serve hot.

Bon Appetite!

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