luni, 10 iunie 2013

Supa crema de linte / Lentil cream soup

Ingrediente / ingredients:
- o conserva de linte - A tin of lentils
- un morcov - A carrot
- 2 cepe - 2 onions
- putina telina - Some celery
- un pastarnac - A parsnip
- un ardei rosu - A red pepper
- un galbenus de ou - An egg yolk
- 2 linguri de smantana - 2 tablespoons of sour cream
- sare si piper - Salt and pepper

Intr-o cratita, punem la fiert legumele.

Put the vegetables to boiled in a pot .

Dupa ce au fiert legumele, scurgem zeama, dar o pastram si pasam legumele impreuna cu lintea. Subtiem compozitia cu zeama de la legume.

After cooking the vegetables, drain the juice, but keep it and pass it with lentils. Thinned composition  with juice from vegetables.

Amestecam galbenusul de ou cu smantana si il turnam in supa.

Mix egg yolk with the sour cream and pour it into the soup.

Se serveste fierbinte.

Serve hot!

Bon appetit!

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  1. Wow, the aroma simply is mouthwatering! I can’t wait to give it try one of these days. Thanks a lot for sharing this awesome recipe. I owe you a lot! It will be another recipe to be added to my collection. Anyway, just passed by to see what cookin! God bless!